A door left open is an accidental invitation for occupancy. Occupation implies use: a verb. Entrance pre-supposes action.

Each new space entered contains a potential for a new action: new behaviours, new modes of conduct, new proposals for the occupation of space.

A door can be left open to a house, to a car, to an institution, to a passageway… Every room contains potential.

Most doors are locked. Entering a left open door implies trespassing. Trespassing implies a reconfiguration of how the entered space was meant to be used. Such reconfiguration implies operating counter to the desires of the owner of the entered space, an explicitly illegal use of privately owned and operated property.

We do not believe in property. Property pre-supposes ownership, and ownership pre-supposes accepted modes of behavior, conduct, and occupation. To submit to property is to be complacent to the given structures.

We do not believe in property, and we reject impositional structures.

We seek doors left open, and we enter in the night. Each new space we enter offers a new potential for freedom, to act counter to or oblivious of the received modes imposed upon us.

We ignore or alter all signs that instruct manners of use.

We enter spaces, anonymously and silently, or loudly proclaiming our presence. We enter and leave without a trace, or alter irrevocably. We let each new space dictate our relation to it. Every new context is a site of production or destruction, of learning or forgetting, of proclamation or disappearance.

Since doors are rarely left open, and these accidental invitations rarely appear, we seek to pry open doors and let them stand as symbols, to invite the next passerby to enter and create their own propositions.

Trespassing breeds anonymity. An anonymous space is a free space.

To enter a space and repeat rehearsed behaviour is the only true crime. It implies alignment with a culture that has been imposed on us.

Inaction is complacency, complacency is consent. We do not consent. The night is black and we are multitudinous. We sneak around with crowbars; opportunism is our strategy.

We pen our invitations with our crowbars. Our grammar can be found in the tiny cracks in the seams. If you are aware you will see them everywhere.

A door left open is an invitation for action. We are Studio for Propositional Cinema and we invite you!